As a professional photographer, my mission is to show the world that photography is more than just capturing an image.
Whether it's capturing beautiful architecture, the vibrancy of an event or a personality,
my goal is to capture the essence of the subject and leave a lasting impression.
From my knowledge and certainly from my experience in the dance world, I am guided by intuition, curiosity and movement.
With every photo shoot I strive for a unique perspective and a creative collaboration between myself and the subject.
I immerse myself in the other world, understand the personality and bring out the best qualities as images.
It's not just about the technical aspects of lighting and composition, but about capturing a moment that is authentic and real.
I believe photography has the power to evoke emotions and give meaning to a story.
That's why I strive to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful.
Images that tell a story and evoke a sense of emotion.

For me, photography is a passion.
The technique helps me to create a unique experience that results in beautiful images that tell a story.

I love capturing the beautiful world around us.

Studio Manon de Koning
Mob 0031.
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